Does anyone else find it odd that a rumor factory exists for celebrities who are so in touch with their fans through social media? Every time Beyonce scratches her nose, the rumors have to be confirmed that she indeed scratched her nose. All they have to do is wait for Beyonce to post a photo of it on Instagram and the whole Bey Hive can settle down.

Of course, this latest news was pretty big. She posted about the twins. Her fans had only heard rumors that there were twins. They didn’t even know their names. It was time for Beyonce to introduce her double babies to the world and she did it in the most fantastic way. Of course she did. She’s Beyonce.

There Is A Theme In All This


It has been one heck of a journey. There were rumors that she was pregnant. She was starting to develop a baby bump and photos were circling the internet. Of course, everyone knows better than to ask a woman if she’s pregnant. Well, other women can get away with it. I think they can smell a pregnant woman or something. But men are probably better leaving that one alone.

So, Beyonce came out with a photo on Instagram confirming it. Her fans ate it up. It has over 11 million likes right now. That’s how much her fans love getting glimpses into Beyonce’s life. They are sharing in her successes and achievements. After all, she is their queen.

She Repeats The Floral Background


So, it was only fitting to show off Sir Carter and Rumi. Now, there are faces to go with the names. Or there are names to go with the faces. Whichever one you prefer. Either way, Beyonce did this photo in style too.

She doesn’t just announce, “Hey, here are my babies!” You hear music in the background as she holds them in her arms and announces, “Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today.” In just 3 days, it has broken a record as it reached over nine million likes. Of course, it did. It’s Beyonce.

Beyonce Reveals Her Twins To The World

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