Showing off is fun when you have the skill. I love it when people show off because it gives us all a better chance at watching show off fails. You know you love to watch them.

When people can perform stunts, we cheer for them. We get the cameras rolling because we always want to see victory. And there are amazing people who can do some amazing things. They drive their cars fast. They flip their bikes. They have magic tricks with fire and knives.

It’s always fun to watch. What happens though is that some people don’t quite have the skill. They give the tricks a try because they want to get the same attention and respect others get when they’re successful. That’s where the real fun is at. They don’t have what it takes. Get the cameras rolling and kick back to watch the show.

Some People Have Amazing Skill


It’s awesome what some people learn to do. If they practice at it, they can literally astound everyone watching.

It Deserves Celebration


When you know you’re good, there’s no need to hide it. Show it off and have fun doing it.

But, That’s Not Always The Case


Some people just don’t have it. They might even be able to pull off looking good for a while. But, eventually the truth comes out.

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