Pranks are getting harder and harder to pull. That is especially when you have a friend who pulls pranks all the time. You are always going to be on the look out for the next best prank ever.

Good pranks don’t come all the time though. Some people pull pranks and they amount to nothing. They have no imagination. They want to get into the game, but they have absolutely no game. So, their “best prank ever” flops.

But, some guys can come up with some really great stuff. They have a very funny imagination and I think their pranks come from their worst nightmares. They pull pranks on people from what they would hate to go through the most. That tends to drive the “best prank ever” industry.

Overreact Much?

best prank ever

Some people go way too far though. This guy literally jumps out of his window. What a screamer! He never saw the day when he could live this one down.

There’s A Heart Attack

stock room

Here’s another one that could really go too far. Let’s say she has a bad heart. She could fall over right there on the floor. You never know…

She Just Did What?

wet pants

This one’s too good though. This is how far pranks should go. Leave someone standing in the middle of the kitchen explaining how they wet their pants.

For The Best Prank Ever, It Gets Better!