The world is full of interruptions. If you can’t handle interruptions, you’re going to have a tough time getting through life. But, a BBC interview? That’s classic.

When you skype someone, you never know what’s going to happen behind you. It can be anything. Your ceiling can fall through. Someone could peek through your window. FBI could raid you because they think you’re a hacker with Anonymous and they want to steal your server.

Anything can happen and it normally does. This guy has a tornado come through his room. It’s not your typical kind of tornado though. It’s the one that takes place when kids come running in the room for a little bit of dad time, and where was the nanny?

Interruptions Can Happen Anywhere

bbc interview

You could be sitting at a game minding your own business and all of a sudden, a guy walks in front of your broadcast. Happens all the time.

During A Study Session

study interruption

It’s good to get a group together to study for your next test. Just watch out for those birds running into the glass wall behind you.

Hilarious Game Interruptions

game interruption

Streakers are great! They run through a game and stop the action for about a half an hour while you get to watch security chase a naked guy down and have to tackle him.

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