On July 28, Andy Grammer and Aijia welcomed baby Louisiana K into their world. They’ve been married now for five years and they thought it was time to invite a new member into their family. But things didn’t go that smoothly.

She had to be rushed in to have an emergency C-section. The birth took a lot out of her as she reported on Instagram. The way she described it, she felt like she had been hit by a truck, and she almost put it in those exact words, too.

Andy Grammer And Aijia With Their New Family Member


So they called her Louisiana K, Louie for short and they are happy to have a healthy girl in their lives. Now, Aijia is learning how tough motherhood can be. Not that I know anything about that.

In her Instagram, Aijia wrote, “My boobs hurt because they are trying to figure out what their new job is, I have bags under my eyes because I have barely slept and my body doesn’t tolerate pain medication, my belly hurts because I had lots of specific plans and ideas about how my birth was going to go and how granola I was going to be and all of it went straight out the freaking window.”

Aijia Showing Off Baby Louisiana K


Aijia admits that having Louie was a lesson in giving up control. Sometimes, things aren’t going to go the way they were planned. You can’t manage that. All you can do is give up control sometimes and let things happen as they are going to happen.

Aijia went on to say, “Louie had birth plans of her own and they were all on her terms. But all I can think about is how absolutely, wondrously, magically, incredible my body has been in making this creature and delivering her safely to me.”

That is the beauty of it. All the pain the women endure, they certainly do bring awesome kids into the world. They deserve a medal. But one thing’s for sure, the name “Mom” means “superhero” in every language.

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