In a world where LEGOs and emojis get their own movies, Sony is looking to put their own stamp on the ultimate product placement business strategy by creating a movie based entirely on the classic Barbie doll. While Amy Schumer was originally cast in the lead, that role is now going to Anne Hathaway after Schumer bailed out due to scheduling conflicts.

Production on the film was scheduled to start back in June, but negotiations with Schumer pushed the production back. Scheduling still hasn’t been finalized, while Hathaway still has yet to officially clinch a deal. In spite of this, they still plan on their original release date of June 29, 2018.

Said to be in the same spirit as Splash, Enchanted, and Big, the movie will focus on Barbie being booted from Barbie Land for apparently being less than perfect and thrust out into the real world.

Even though Schumer is no longer attached to star, she did do a polish on the script, so no doubt the movie will still have her comedic flair. It will also be directed by television and documentary director Alethea Jones.

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