There are so many world records that are awesome, you want to watch a person accomplish them or at least see the picture. But there are so many world records. They can’t all be awesome.

Some are just plain ridiculous. It’s like the thing you came up with when you were a kid. You were the best at it. No one else could do it. To be honest, no one else was interested in doing it.

Everyone had a thing! What was your thing? Were you the best at stacking Cheerios? Were you the fastest at making a dime stand on edge? Did you once pick the longest booger and your best friend was there to witness it? That’s just really ridiculous!

Like The World’s Longest Pizza

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If you gander over to the Guinness page about the longest pizza, you’ll see some Italians already claiming they beat it. They don’t like it at all that Americans came along and whooped that record by a measly few hundred feet. But the record now stands at about 1.2 miles and required a race track for preparation.

The only thing that’s not ridiculous about the longest pizza in the world is the fact that people ate the pizza there and then the leftovers were rushed to local charities and food banks. So, deserving people were fed for free. Break that record as many times as you want.

When They Say Ridiculous, That’s Exactly What They Mean…

America probably holds the world record for most ridiculous world records, which would mean that they have yet another ridiculous record. But the world has some pretty awesome world records. Watching these records get set is mainly a true art form of imagery. You will literally cringe as you watch some of them.

People are awesome. When they put their minds to it, they can achieve some great things. Even when they are just playing around, they have the ability to amaze!

When They Say Insane, Well…

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