American Horror Story has a special surprise for its fans this season. For a show that has been able to keep it real since it began, Season 7 is supposed to go there even on a more real tip. They’re going to be bringing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the show.

The show will be living up to its name then. Buthow are they going to do it? The one thing they have leaked is that they are going to be starting on Election Night. For some people, that’s when the real horror began.

They Could Let Alec Baldwin Be Donald Trump

american horror story

You can imagine all the writers on the show circling the wagons in the writing room. They’re throwing around ideas about how they can bring it to life. But you know they won’t be having Donald Trump on the show. It won’t be the real him, anyway.

Could it be an impersonator like Alec Baldwin who likes to make fun of the man? The way American Horror Story handles things, it won’t be a joke. But as it turns out, it won’t be an impersonator. Doesn’t that make you ask more questions about how they propose to make it happen?

Kate McKinnon Kills It As Hillary Clinton

american horror story

Hillary Clinton on the other hand probably could do a few episodes. She has been laying low since the election. So, who knows? But she does have more time on her hands and she has done appearances before on shows like SNL. However, that won’t be the case either. This is getting interesting, isn’t it?

The facts in the case don’t seem to add up. Impersonators aren’t going to be playing the parts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They aren’t going to be having the real Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton doing appearances on the show. Don’t those seem like the only two options?

Find Out How They Plan On Doing It

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