It has all the things you would want in a mystery. It has the secret latch to open the door and the secret bar where the door goes. The Video Archive is not a website on the internet where you can look up every movie ever made, but a speakeasy to honor director Quentin Tarantino.

It’s the brainchild of one of his biggest fans, Jacob Trevino. He knows so much about the director that he knows Tarantino had a job at a store called The Video Archive before he became the huge Hollywood success that he is today. That’s why The Video Archive is such an awesome name for the theme.

It Looks Like A Video Store To Me

Quentin Tarantino

You don’t necessarily have to be a Tarantino fan to be able to enjoy the place. A better way of putting that is that you don’t have to be a Tarantino buff to enjoy the bar. Of course you’re a Tarantino fan! That goes without saying.

So, what’s the place like? First, you walk into a room that looks like a video store. But you know there’s something wrong right off the bat because video stores trended out years ago. Find me a video store today and I’ll find you a place about to close with dusty 1990s movies on the shelves.

A Menu With The Coolest Drinks

Quentin Tarantino

So, that’s a dead giveaway that there is something more to this place than a video store. Just like Tarantino’s movies, you start to look for the Easter Eggs. That’s when you get the surprise of your life. When you pull on a B-rated movie to check it out, a secret door slides open and a whole bunch of people enjoying cool drinks are waiting for you to join them.

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