Zach Neil has already created pop-up bars with themes from Anchorman and Tim Burton films, but his latest undertaking will make fans of one of Hollywood’s most popular franchises very happy. It also will be opening at a very opportune time.

Just one month out from the release of The Last Jedi, which opens in theaters on December 15, Neil is unveiling The Dark Side Bar in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.

“When you walk in it’s going to feel like you’ve walked into the set of a Star Wars movie,” Neil said. The bar will mainly be themed around the more evil concepts of the films, taking a darker approach by featuring essences of the Death Star and Darth Vader in the locations’ ambiance, as well as its menu.

The spaces of the bar will be completely dark upon entry, with only red LED lights accenting the walls. Along the hallways, there will reportedly be advertising targeted at intergalactic travelers, featuring posters highlighting alien burlesque shows and speed dating events, all of which feature figures representing different alien life forms.

The Dark Side Bar will also feature six different custom cocktails, with names like “The Darkside,” “The Imperial,” “Galaxy,” “Mindtrick,” and “Red Force.” All of the drinks will come chilled with dry ice, LED ice cubes, and a black sugar coating along the rim to add extra flare.

However, to get into the pop-up bar, you’re going to have to fork over some cash. Usually you’ll be required to make a reservation, and if you do it’ll cost you $33 to enter. If you decide to show up at the door, it’ll be a slightly higher $40 cover, but you’ll be lucky to have gotten in without calling ahead.

The bar is scheduled to remain open until mid-January, and offers fans the opportunity to “cross over to the Dark Side Bar and experience the power, fury, and unequivocally macabre environment.” Neil also hopes to open an additional location in San Francisco if the opportunity becomes available.

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