From the creators of Pokémon Go, a new Harry Potter augmented reality game will be making its way to mobile devices next year.

Niantic, the same company that launched the extremely popular predecessor, will be in charge of this adaptation as well, hoping to find similar success as they did back in the summer of 2016.

Reporting from Tech Crunch says that the developers have teamed up with Warner Bros. Entertainment to make the installment the first of the company’s new gaming division, Portkey Games. For now, the new app will be called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Though there is not yet an official release date for the game, those in charge have more or less confirmed that it will make its way to app stores at some point before the end of 2018.

It’s also likely that the developers will once again pair up with Ingress, the company responsible for mapping out many of the special locations and featured spots that players will be encouraged to proceed to.

Though it’s uncertain what the actual object of the game might be, it can be assumed that you’ll once again be required to build an avatar, assemble your house affiliation, grab a pet, and head into the wizarding world with the pursuit of knowledge.

Perhaps you’ll be able to learn specific spells, or maybe even take down various creatures that appear along the way. It’s thought that dueling may be implemented as the main person-to-person interaction, while it’s also possible that there may be a way to team up with others to defeat larger evils, much like the raids in Pokémon Go.

There will also presumably be items to acquire and achievements to build off of, all while giving players a reason to continuously level up and gain stronger abilities. However, there is no telling exactly what Niantic intends to feature in the coming game, except that it will largely build off of the already successful characteristics of the augmented reality displayed in their previous hit game.

We can only hope that Niantic will continue to offer varying reasons to play the game, including seasonal promotions, exclusive features based on location, and new installments to the AR technologies.

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