With the release of Star Wars’ newest film The Last Jedi swiftly approaching, fans are getting antsy while looking for any hints or clues about the film to hold them over until December 15. But a Twitter user named Kevin Beaumont was able to discover one of the biggest easter eggs of all.

Upon searching Google Maps for Longcross Studios — which is the production company behind The Last Jedi — he was able to locate a very familiar vehicle that would be easily recognized by Star Wars fans everywhere. Turns out the Millennium Falcon can only be seen from above, because it’s currently being surrounded by shipping containers!

Oddly enough, the studio’s lot is not far away from the public roads and is often passed by unknowing U.K. residents, many of who’ve probably marveled at the fact that they’ve been nearby the famous spacecraft all along. After all, it is the exact same model that’s been used since the original Star Wars films.

The Longcross Studios have also been the production site for other movies like Fast and Furious 6, Skyfall, and Thor 2, which make it a good holding spot for a prop as large as the Falcon.

Disney likely attempted to hide the Millennium Falcon until it’ll be needed for future filming necessities, but thanks to Beaumont, their plan has been foiled. Let’s just hope no one tries to infiltrate it and take off to a galaxy far, far away…

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